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Creative Prompts for the Belly Dancing Soul

Get Inspired

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Welcome to Creative Prompts for the Belly Dancing Soul!

Are you a belly dancer? Do you like to write?
If yes, then you have come to the right place!

The goal for this community is to provide a wide array of prompts that allow you to get creative with your practice and art. These prompts will focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of belly dance as opposed to the physical.
Have you ever been inspired by a photo of a belly dancer? Does a word bring a story to your mind? Does that beat of music sound like a poem being created?
The possibilities are endless!

-Respect everyone and their work. This is not a place for criticism.
-Use the LJ cut when needed [racy or long posts]
-There is no limit to how many times you can post for a challenge, if you are inspired don't hold it back!
-Either post directly in Creative_bd or provide a link to your work
-So everyone's work is not lost in all the replies and comments, please post your responses on a seperate post and label which prompt/challenge it is for. I don't want anyone's work to be over looked!
-Most of all have fun and get creative!

If you're interested come on in and get inspired!

Please feel free to introduce yourself after you join or just go right in and post.
New prompts will be posted every week on Tuesday so keep a look out!