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25 January 2006 @ 10:08 pm
Prompt Seven  
Drum beat, building, building, heart in the sand,
Thump, thump, the sun is rising, hot and blazing
The yip, the call
The sisterhood, the strength
My muscles flexing, flesh and bone, stretching, becoming
Follow the beat, deep inside, echoing in my ribcage, rumbling in my ventricles
Bursting, laughing, bubbling, breaking the straps and carefully tied ribbons
The sun is bursting over the horizon while the moon rises in the west, silver-moth-gold and full
Flaring like hot gold, Pharoah gold, gypsy gold with red glass stones
Primal goddess, first children, circling in the sands with the serpents
Aphrodite, Venus, Nuit, Isis, Inanna, singing soundless soaring white light
Spreading wings
White sky-wings
Women with wings
Dancing women with wings

(When I was little, maybe seven, I saw a women's choir perform with African instruments. One of their pieces involved the choir with a canter, a strong black woman, saying, 'WE ARE WOMEN, WOMEN WITH WINGS! WE FLY TOGETHER, WE CRY TOGETHER, WE DIE TOGETHER!' It made the BIGGEST impact on me. Religiously/metaphysically speaking, I'm water-based, but 'women with wings' is a very sacred concept to me. So, this it: improv with heavy drum beat, being my favourite :)
Princess of All Things Dainty and Floweryrivierajenn on January 26th, 2006 05:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing! I always feel very invigorated and, to put it tritely, "alive" after dancing, and you really captured that vitality. Interesting about your childhood experience, too!
xeeprockor on February 17th, 2013 05:02 am (UTC)
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